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Twin & Turbine Magazine – April 2022

The folks at Twin & Turbine magazine were kind enough to publish an article I wrote. When you’re moving up to a jet from a piston airplane, there are a few things to think about regarding the maintenance of that fire-breathing, kerosene burning speed machine. You can read […]

IFR Magazine – On The Air

Here’s my submission in the March issue of IFR Magazine for their “On The Air” page at the back of the magazine. Is it wrong that I always read the back cover first?

College Smollege, Let’s Make Some Noise

I was 25 or 26 years old before I got to sit in the left seat of a jet and start the engines. Elias is half that age and twice as excited. He came to work with me one day and, as luck would have it, I needed […]

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