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The Transition Transmission

I was flying right seat on an arrival back into CLT a while ago, and as we were descending, the controller asked us to “maintain 280 knots in the transition.” That was a new one on me.  As is my custom, I looked at the guy in the […]

Training With Ron

My former flight instructor, Ron Horton, is a very quotable guy.  He picked me up as a student when I was about halfway through my Private Pilot training. On one of our first lessons, he told me, “Just so you know, this is all purely for my entertainment.  […]

A Day at The Maule (Factory)

September 2001 was when Joe and I first met in Greensboro, NC.  I started working second shift as an avionics technician at the Cessna/Citation Service Center – Joe had already been on that shift for a year or two.  We hit it off pretty quickly and have been […]

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